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Words Matter – June 2023

Words Matter

The environmental consulting industry is notorious for its love of acronyms.  RCRA, CAA, MCL, LDL, BACT, PFAS, EHS … you get the picture.  I think I was in my second year of working at Environmental Standards before I would confidently use an acronym in a conversation.  Prior to that, I would just mumble my way through, wondering if I’d uttered, “MCL” Maximum Contaminant Level when I should have used “MDL” (Method Detection Limit).  Oh, the anxiety!

Luckily for me, I work with and for environmental professionals who have devoted their careers to knowing and understanding environmental regulations like those that fall under RCRA (The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act) and CAA (The Clean Air Act) as well as the many other federal, state and local laws that apply to our clients’ operations.

Not only do my colleagues know the regulations; they also know the multiple reporting requirements associated with those regulations. 

I am so proud to work with my colleagues at Environmental Standards, and when I hear a client needs to fill an EHS staff position for the short term, I’m pleased to recommend one of my experienced coworkers.

Finding experienced and knowledgeable environmental professionals is not easy business.  And, sometimes, you really only need assistance during an expansion project or to help cover while an employee is on leave.  Sometimes, you need assistance with training less-experienced professionals and establishing environmental health and safety compliance best practices from the start.  In those cases, Environmental Standards has staff available for secondee positions at your facility for as long as you need.  Our staff have trained in-house laboratory staff and plant EHS employees as well as operated seamlessly as embedded EHS facility staff.

The next time you have a need for a temporary in-house EHS professional, wastewater operator or laboratory staff trainer, I hope you’ll contact me or my colleague, Shaun Gilday, Operations Manager for EHSS and we’ll connect you with the right professional to suit your specific needs.

As a side note:  Remember how proficient I am with acronyms?  I’ve been calling our secondee employees “2nd E”s as in 2nd Environmental.  It was only recently when I heard reference to where one of our “seconded” employees was working that I realized that I’d taken acronyms too far.  The struggle is still real for me all these years later. 

Ann Marie Gathright

Account Executive