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Jennifer Gable

Management Team

Jennifer Gable
Operations Director
Valley Forge, PA

Professional Experience

Jennifer N. Gable has 17 years of analytical quality assurance (QA) experience at Environmental Standards, Inc. Ms. Gable manages multidisciplinary projects encompassing the full data quality lifecycle. She has developed and implemented QA programs for large projects, including investigatory and remedial projects involving release of fly ash into terrestrial and aquatic environments and has developed Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPPs) for complex projects involving a wide variety of sample matrices and analytical parameters. Ms. Gable has performed QA oversight for a large-scale, long-term fly ash recovery project involving a wide variety of sample matrices and analytical methodologies. She has served as a technical resource for chemistry QA for all aspects of the data life cycle, from sample collection and analysis through data review and archival and has acted as a liaison between field sampling, laboratory, and data management personnel to ensure project data quality objectives were met. 

Ms. Gable serves as the QA Oversight Manager for national environmental contract laboratory programs and coordinates discrete and ongoing quality monitoring activities such as single-blind and double-blind performance evaluation studies, laboratory and field audits, data validation activities, and overall laboratory program technical support. She has prepared detailed laboratory technical requirement manuals and has developed QAPPs describing field QA activities, laboratory analyses, and data management. In addition, Ms. Gable has prepared comprehensive Requests for Proposal for environmental laboratory services and has overseen evaluation of the proposals submitted in response. Ms. Gable most recently assisted in the development of a laboratory program supporting $100M in analytical work.

Ms. Gable has conducted laboratory audits assessing organic, inorganic, wet chemistry, and industrial hygiene parameters with respect to laboratory standard operating procedures, good laboratory practice, and client-specific or project-specific technical requirements. She has prepared detailed audit reports and assessed the acceptability of laboratory corrective action to address audit findings.

Ms. Gable is experienced in the validation of data to determine analytical data quality and usability. She has managed and performed senior-level review and approval of data validation efforts for a variety of projects. Data reviewed include those for air, soil/sediment, aqueous, and biological tissue samples that have been analyzed in accordance with the US EPA Contract Laboratory Program (CLP) protocols and SW-846 methods.

Ms. Gable has prepared and delivered presentations on a variety of technical QA topics at highly regarded environmental conferences and industry working groups.


Ms. Gable received a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Bloomsburg University (Pennsylvania) and has completed coursework toward a Master of Science degree in Chemistry at Villanova University.