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Top-10 Field-Note Pitfalls – June 2023

Top-10 Field-Note Pitfalls

Field note errors and omissions can cause serious issues for your data. These are the Top-10 Field-Note Pitfalls to watch out for. 

10 .  Inconsistencies in data from multiple locations

9.   Sample time and/or location discrepancies

8.   Sloppy handwriting

7.    Not achieving water-quality stabilization prior to sampling (low-flow groundwater)

6.   Not crossing out, initialing, and dating unused portions of field forms

5.    Failure to record required information

4.   Missing information (water level, water-quality parameter, sample location, etc.)

3.    Wrong well construction/sampling location information

2.   Wrong date in sample identification (ID)

1.   Wrong sample ID  format

Environmental Standards’ F3 (Field-Fillable Forms) are the solution to avoiding pitfalls.

F3 is customizable and can be used on any standard tablet, laptop, or phone. Forms can be pre-populated, and drop-down lists reduce errors. Sample IDs can be automatically generated with correct nomenclature. When form is complete, auto-strikethroughs will be added to any unused fields.

F3 is an inexpensive solution that is quick to develop and deploy. Contact Environmental Standards to learn more.

Jacob Gruzalski

Principal Geoscientist