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Custom Tailored Support – June 2023

Tailored support outside

Custom Tailored Support

Embedding one of Environmental Standards’ personnel into an industrial client’s organization can bring a multitude of benefits, particularly in the context of Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS). These benefits are felt all the more keenly during periods of transition or growth, such as when the client is undertaking an expansion, or when there are staffing challenges, such as attrition or a shortage of specific expertise.

One key advantage of embedding one of our professionals in an industrial organization is the opportunity for on-demand support. Industrial processes can be complex and are unpredictable, necessitating prompt and effective responses to issues as they arise. An EHS professional present on the ground can address these issues immediately, utilizing their expertise to propose and implement effective solutions without delay. This continuous, dedicated support ensures smooth operations and reduces the risk of detrimental impacts on business loss, fines, safety and environmental impact.

Moreover, an embedded EHS professional isn’t just a singular resource; they act as a conduit, connecting the industrial client with the wider knowledge base and resources of the consultancy firm. For instance, if an unforeseen environmental or safety issue arises, an EHS professional can leverage the collective expertise of their entire organization to resolve it. This extends the client’s reach, enabling access to a broader array of specialist insights and solutions than they might otherwise have available.

A further benefit lies in the opportunity to tailor the EHS professional’s role to meet specific needs. Unlike a conventional full-time employee whose responsibilities are tied to a particular position, a consultant can be utilized as a subject-matter expert, focusing on specific tasks or projects where their expertise is most needed. This flexible model allows an industrial client to gain the precise support they need at any given time.

For instance, during an expansion, an EHS professional can provide essential guidance on mitigating environmental impact, ensuring regulatory compliance, or devising effective safety protocols. Likewise, in the face of attrition, the EHS professional can fill key roles temporarily or assist in transferring knowledge to new hires, minimizing disruption to the business.

Having an EHS professional provides clients with on-demand support, access to a vast pool of knowledge and resources, and the flexibility to tailor support to their specific needs. These benefits can be crucial in navigating periods of change or growth and ensuring continued adherence to safety and environmental standards.

Shaun Gilday, CPEA, PMP

EHS Principal