Shaun M. Gilday

Senior Scientist and HSE Advisor
Valley Forge, PA


Professional Experience

Mr. Gilday is a Project Geoscientist and is proficient in utilizing GIS technology to manage environmental data so the data can be efficiently stored, retrieved, analyzed, and displayed in the form of powerful visualization maps.  The GIS data can is used in fate and transport modeling, advanced topographic investigation, and unique visualization methods.  His experience includes generating AutoCAD figure maps containing aerial photographs and site features for numerous projects.  These projects are often used as a basis for the ArcIMS web-based GIS server, which can be queried for all types of data produced over the Internet for rapid data retrieval and immediate team response.

Mr. Gilday is highly experienced in the use of both numerical and analytical fate and transport models and numerical and analytical groundwater flow models, as well as other analytical tools common to the groundwater modeling industry.  Utilizing EVS (3-dimensional Environmental Visualization Systems), Mr. Gilday has produced technical and detailed three-dimensional sub-surface contamination plumes.  These models have been employed during high profile litigation cases to support our clients’ needs.

In addition, Mr. Gilday provides oversight to subcontractors including drillers.  He has conducted field investigations that include hollow stem auger drilling, Geoprobe® advancement/sampling, monitoring well installation and groundwater sample collection, and soil sampling for chemical analysis.  Air and mud rotary drilling/rock coring, rotosonic drilling, cone penetrometer testing, vibracore sampling, and bathymetric surveys were also components of the investigations.  These field collected data are subsequently used to determine aquifer characteristics and to evaluate the fate and transport of contaminants within those aquifers.  Mr. Gilday has also prepared numerous detailed technical documents (Due Diligence Reports, Phase I ESAs, Closure Reports, Site Characterization Reports) summarizing field collected data and the accompanying analysis of said data for regulatory submittal and review.


Mr. Gilday received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Science from University of Delaware in 2004.  He completed advanced credit course work in GIS, Geophysics, and Hydrogeology in 2004.