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2024 Lab audit

Is your commercial laboratory’s performance up to par?
Environmental Standards can help you find out.

For over 30 years, we’ve conducted third-party laboratory audits to help our clients determine whether their labs are producing top-quality work.

Our auditors will evaluate the areas that are important to you including:

  • Adherence to method requirements
  • Conformance to client-specific requirements
  • Compliance with quality system requirements

Analytical laboratory audits are a critical tool for assessing and reducing potential liabilities that can arise when relying on an external commercial environmental laboratory. The environmental, hydrocarbon, and toxicity laboratories to be audited by Environmental Standards throughout 2024 have been nominated by a wide range of industrial clients. Our interactive audit list identifies the current number of clients sharing the cost of each audit and the current audit scope.

Many of the audits are still open to additional participants while the stakeholders (clients, laboratories, and Environmental Standards’ Auditors) determine optimal audit dates.

Audit Cost-sharing Opportunities

Check out our 2024 laboratory audit nomination list to identify opportunities to get involved in this unique cost-sharing opportunity.

If you have additional nominations, please reach out via email or call 610-935-5577.

Your Data Quality Watchdog

Clients across a wide range of industries – oil and gas, chemical, industrial/manufacturing, utility, transportation, mining, food/beverage, and consumer markets – all turn to Environmental Standards as their trusted “data quality watchdog” for high-profile projects.

We invite you to consider contracting Environmental Standards for all of your third-party data validation needs and/or to serve in an oversight capacity.

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Gary Yakub