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Environmental Insurance Support Services

The insurance industry faces increased regulatory scrutiny, compliance obligations, and risks. Environmental Standards clarifies and manages those risks to help prevent losses, and minimize losses if they occur. Environmental Standards provides risk management services to the insurance industry and their insureds. We act as loss control consultants, and are experienced with undertaking insurance-financed cleanups, providing forensic services and third-party oversight and evaluations of incident causes. Through analysis, corrective actions, and training, we better ensure your exposures are reduced and help control future losses.

Risk Management
Reacting to, and participating in, an insurance claim can be costly, and in many cases, avoidable. While claims happen, many are preventable through a careful examination of an insured’s business and risk management practices prior to incident occurrence. Our risk management services include:

  • Business survey assessments, and background research for insurability
  • Research and assessment of insured’s business and regulatory history
  • On-site risk management reviews
  • Preparation and review of technical documents
  • Site inspections

Loss Control
Environmental Standards’ loss control services are risk management services that reduce the possibility that a loss will occur and decrease the severity of those that do occur.  The aim of Environmental Standards’ loss control services is to help policyholders reduce claims, and insurance companies reduce losses through safety and risk management information and services.  Environmental Standards emphasizes procedures and practices, training, and monitoring.  Our loss control services include:

  • Risk evaluation of potentially insureds
  • Customer on-site audits and work-site inspections
  • Development and implementation of specific loss control policies and procedures
  • Awareness and compliance training
  • Communications development and review of emergency and contingency plans

Incident Response and Claims Services
Environmental Standards is well suited to minimize response costs in those unfortunate cases where a sudden loss occurs.  Our response services are scalable from the largest to the smallest incidents, and we are prepared to assist the insurance community in protecting its interests when such events occur.  Our support is provided through response program coordination, incident analyses, and technical aspects of claims management and claims irregularity reviews.  We even have a toll-free rapid response management number that can be called any time of day or night if an incident were to occur.

When a claim is filed, we assist insurers with a rapid evaluation of the claim including an on-site assessment of incident circumstances, verbal and written reports to insurer claim specialists, and assistance reacting to the early, and all-important, initial stages of claim management.

Litigation Support Services
Toxicology QA Litigation SupportEnvironmental Standards has the technical breadth, expertise, and necessary credentials to provide solid legal support in matters of insurance litigation.  We support underwriters and insureds and prepare our clients for litigation by ensuring defensibility of arguments and an analysis of plaintiff complaints.  We also provide expert witnesses to facilitate favorable and timely adjudication.