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Environmental Standards understands the challenges and pressures associated with energy or utility projects and operations and maintenance of these complex facilities. We have the expertise, resources, and professionals ready to deliver results.

Whether your project needs are related to a new plant or line expansion; or to a facilities management issue, Environmental Standards delivers a variety of services to support environmental management and compliance. We have significant and proven experience working with the energy and utility industries.

Services Provided

Through our expertise in managing environmental compliance and extinguishing environmental liabilities for Fortune 500 clients, Environmental Standards offers innovative environmental solutions to energy and utility companies.

  • Environmental Chemistry Quality Assurance
  • Consulting Geosciences & Site Remediation
  • Information Technologies/Environmental Data Management
  • Emergency Response Quality Assurance Oversight
  • Health, Safety, Security & Environment

Our Experience

Environmental Standards has been providing environmental consulting services to power and energy clients and other utilities for more than 25 years. From fossil fuel, nuclear energy, and wind farms to water treatment plants and gas lines, Environmental Standards is a nationally recognized provider of environmental services to the energy and utility industries.