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Environmental Standards, a niche environmental consulting firm, is a leading provider of environmental services for landfills.  In April 2004, Environmental Standards became one of the first firms to receive approval of a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) from the state Department of Environmental Quality to resolve ongoing groundwater quality impacts from a municipal landfill.

Services Provided

Since the approval of the CAP for an 88-acre Virginia landfill in 2004, Environmental Standards has demonstrated success in a wide range of landfill services:

  • Assess Existing Landfill Remedial Plans
  • Develop Innovative Landfill Groundwater Remediation Solutions
  • Delineate Landfill Contamination Plumes
  • Install/Monitor Landfill Sentinel Wells
  • Operate Landfill Remedial Systems
  • Negotiate With Regulators
  • Meet With Community Groups

Our approach to each of these landfill services is to use sound science to minimize the cost of any remedial solution.


To learn more about how Environmental Standards can help you address environmental issues regarding your private, municipal, or industrial landfill, please contact Gerry Kirkpatrick at 610.935.5577 or