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Daniel P. Claycomb, P.G.

Management Team

Daniel P. Claycomb, P.G.
Principal Geoscientist
Valley Forge, PA

Professional Experience
Mr. Claycomb has over 28 years of experience as a geologist/hydrogeologist for engineering and environmental consulting firms conducting subsurface soil and groundwater investigations.

Mr. Claycomb has managed risked-based investigations, participated in brownfields projects, prepared environmental sampling plans, and designed and installed soil and groundwater remediation systems for petroleum-contaminated and chlorinated hydrocarbon-contaminated sites.  He has also conducted pilot studies for soil-vapor extraction and groundwater pump and treat design parameters, participated in multi-million dollar environmental litigation cases, and has been involved in contaminant fate and transport modeling.  Mr. Claycomb has also managed, field supervised, and field audited multiple sediment contaminant assessment programs in the Niagara, St. Lawrence, and Hudson Rivers.

Mr. Claycomb has been a lead field auditor for 20 years and has conducted over 150 field audits of environmental field programs of multi-media sampling events, remedial excavation activities, remedial system installation activities, and monitoring well installation activities.

Mr. Claycomb is trained in health & safety measures, sample collection procedures, and air monitoring equipment related to hazardous site investigations.  He has provided field inspections for construction projects including detention basin construction, roadway removal and replacement, sewer reconstruction, sidewalk curbing, utility conduit installation, and lysimeter sampling.

Mr. Claycomb is a Licensed Professional Geologist in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Tennessee.

Mr. Claycomb is currently a member of The Geological Society of America.

Mr. Claycomb received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Earth Science from Pennsylvania State University in 1987.