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Lab Audit – March 2024

What Drives Your Remediation Decisions?

Analytical data (of course) and periodically auditing your contracted analytical providers are important and prudent components for assessing the liabilities that arise from using commercial environmental laboratories. For over 36 years, Environmental Standards has conducted third-party laboratory audits and independent third-party data validation on behalf of its clients – companies in the oil & gas, chemical, industrial/manufacturing, utility, transportation, mining, food/beverage, and consumer markets. As in years past, we invite you to take part in a unique cost-sharing opportunity. To view Environmental Standards’ 2024 confirmed and nominated laboratory audit  list CLICK HERE.

The commercial laboratories on our list are nominated by a wide range of industrial clients to be audited by Environmental Standards. If you have not previously participated in our audit program, I encourage you to review a summary of Environmental Standards’ Laboratory Auditing Qualifications and Scope.

Finally, you may want to consider contracting Environmental Standards for your data validation needs and/or to serve in an oversight capacity as your “data quality watchdog.”

Rock J. Vitale, CEAC

Technical Director of Chemistry

Gary Yakub

Associate Chemist