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EDM – Data Migration

Data Migration

In Environmental Site analysis, it is pivotal to identify the source, timeline, and patterns of any potential site contamination. It is just as important to know of any historical characteristics of the facility, as it is to know the current status of the site. In order to properly identify causes, improvements, or potential hazards, the site manager must be able to compare environmental site conditions over time.

Historically, prior to the development and standardization of current environmental management standards, it was common for site owners and managers to only have site condition details in hardcopy format, or in customized data structures. Datasets were often un-structured and lacked standardization that would allow efficient comparisons between datasets.

To resolve these data disparities, it is necessary to migrate historical data sources into one common, standardized dataset. Environmental Standards has performed numerous migrations over the past 30 years.

Why us

Seamless Integration

 Over the last 30 years of serving in data management, projects have ranged from thousands of records derived from the manual entry of hard-copy reports to millions of data records migrated from custom legacy systems. 

The symbiosis between the Environmental Standards data management group and the wealth of expertise in our chemistry department allows for the seamless integration of historical data to be properly mapped to the new system in accordance with current and future project data capture. The group uses their knowledge of data guidelines and structures, along with the expertise in chemistry standards, to perform an informed “P-E-T-L” process: Plan, Exract, Transform, Load. 

As an end product, the client has a single, standardized source of information that they can use to analyze changes over time, create quick reports and graphs, and has a complete picture of the chemical makeup of their facilities over time.


Professional Contacts

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Stephanie Lein

Senior Data Project Manager

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Data Project Manager

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Matt Miller

Data Project Manager