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6-6 – Additional Services – Project Optimization

Project Optimization

Project Optimization
Why is there a need for environmental project optimization? Congress, the US EPA, state agencies, and, most importantly, our clients, believe the pace of site cleanups needs to be increased, and that these cleanups must cost-effectively achieve the goals set for them or those goals should be adjusted. Environmental Standards believes that a results-oriented, project-targeted process such as Environmental Project Optimization can achieve these site cleanup objectives with the goals of reducing project execution time, managing resources, minimizing risk, and reducing waste.

Environmental project optimization’s predecessor, Performance Based Management (PBM) has long been used in such diverse settings as information technology development, government procurement, and human resources management. Although PBM was not a new concept, its application to the hazardous site remediation process as environmental project optimization has not been the norm. Thus, introducing environmental project optimization concepts to our clients and the regulatory community will help foster acceptance of environmental project optimization as a best business practice.

The environmental project optimization model used by Environmental Standards is a combination of various project management resources or techniques linked together by efficient communications. Through environmental project optimization, a high level of project performance is attained by effective coordination, cooperation, and communication – all of which build trust among all parties involved in the project.

How the Program Works
There is no initial commitment on your part; we will sign a non-disclosure agreement regarding our review of your files, and you provide us with access to as much site documentation as you feel comfortable. We then screen the documentation and site history to assess if we have a clear alternative or better plan. You only engage us if the alternative is appealing

Gerry Kirkpatrick, P.G.

Managing Partner

Kent Bostick

Senior Geoscientist