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3-5 – Fillable Field Form

Fillable Field Forms

Fillable Field Forms
Ever wish there were a way to speed up field work, and at the same time improve documentation and quality?

What if data could be automatically processed into a database for easy extraction and reporting, regardless of the number of contractors or sampling personnel? Sounds amazing, right?

The Environmental Standards Data Management Team has created a field sampling product, F3 (Fillable Field Forms)!

Fully Customizable

    • We use your branding
    • Project identifiers, sample location and data required are fully customizable to meet all your needs.

Faster and More Accurate than Paper Forms

  •  Valid values can be  controlled reducing potential error
  • Customizable dropdowns assure uniformity
  • Digital signature assured accountability

Provides Flexible Data Sharing and Storage 

  • Save to PDF
  • Upload to Database
  • Email

These field forms are interactive and can be customized to whatever your current field forms look like, and enable usability, readability, affordability and accessibility. This approach makes training and transition of sample collection staff painless. And, there are no new forms to learn how to use.

We incorporate quality control measures by requiring completion of critical information (such as sample identification, coordinates, date/time, field parameters, etc.), and by limiting selections of others (drop-down list of who performed the sample collection, name of the site). You can decide which fields are mandatory and which ones are optional. All you need is Adobe® Acrobat® and a tablet, laptop, or phone.

Once the sampling or field work is completed, the forms can be automatically forwarded to the email recipients of your choice, with the push of a button. The field and sample information can then be uploaded to a database. That database can be yours or, if preferred, Environmental Standards can offer data management services. By immediately transferring structured data into a database, the data can be manipulated and queried, unlike paper forms that are often archived as PDFs.

F3 is a very affordable solution that can be developed and deployed quickly to meet your needs.

Rock J. Vitale, CEAC

Technical Director of Chemistry