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2023 March Newsletter – Welcome Patrick Travers

Patrick Travers joins Environmental Standards, Inc.

We are proud to welcome another industry expert to our Environmental Standards Team. The Environmental Standards Chemistry Group is pleased to announce the addition of Patrick Travers as a Senior Forensic Chemist. From his Denver, Colorado office, Patrick will support David Thal, CQA, CEAC, Principal Chemist,  and contribute to the continued expansion of Environmental Standards’ forensic chemistry practice.

Following the widespread adoption of hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling or “shale boom,” Patrick’s unique expertise has been shaped by the intersection of a rapidly growing energy industry and precipitous population growth in Colorado. Balancing the social, environmental and energy issues in the state is complex and has resulted in new environmental monitoring programs, techniques and continually evolving state environmental regulations. One unique component to the regulations in Colorado has been the inclusion of chemical and isotopic sampling and analysis requirements. Patrick then helped start a commercial laboratory specializing in stable isotope analysis and, most recently, served as partner and Chief Operating Officer. As a local subject-matter expert in the required laboratory analyses, isotopic data, and interpretation of these data to actionable information, Patrick was able to assist both industry and regulators in selecting the appropriate analytical techniques, providing feedback and complying with the new regulations, resulting in the application of sound scientific principles to monitoring energy development and the surrounding environment. Eventually, this led Patrick to start his own engineering and consulting firm. The challenges in Colorado are far from unique, and may serve as a model for other states navigating similar complexities.

In Colorado, as well as other states and internationally, Patrick has led efforts in all phases of environmental investigations from identifying opportunities, developing project scopes and budgets, writing and communicating Sampling and Analysis Plans, identifying and selecting laboratories and the appropriate chemical analyses, reviewing and validating laboratory results, interpreting chemical and isotopic laboratory data, writing interpretive reports, and serving as a subject-matter expert in negotiations with outside parties. Projects and programs he has led include the characterization of hydraulic fracturing fluid and produced water, chemical and isotopic fingerprinting of stray gas, determining the source of annular fluids in active oil and gas wells, baseline groundwater monitoring, and hydrocarbon contamination forensic investigations. Additionally, Patrick has authored numerous publications and has been a frequent presenter at industry trade shows.

Patrick comes to Environmental Standards with 14 years of experience, a B.S. in Chemical and Biological Engineering with a Biochemistry minor from the University of Colorado Boulder, and an MBA from the University of Wyoming College of Business.

Patrick Travers

Senior Forensic Chemist