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2023 March Newsletter – Montrose Environmental Group Acquires Huco Consulting, Inc.

Montrose Environmental Group, Inc. Acquires Huco Consulting, Inc.

Montrose Environmental Group, Inc. (MEG) has been growing rapidly both organically, and inorganically (i.e., acquisition). Late last year, MEG acquired Huco Consulting, Inc. (Huco), a leading environment, health and safety (EHS) and environmental, social and governance (ESG) consultant.

Founded in 2008, Huco is a Team of EHS & ESG data management system consultants based in North America. Going beyond software, Huco supports clients from a variety of industries with the content, work processes, integrations, outputs, reporting and change management processes needed to sustain an information management system, enabling them to better monitor their environmental impacts, including carbon footprint, improve employee safety, and decrease compliance risk while reducing costs, improving efficiency and creating value.

Huco’s Services include:

  • EHS & ESG Strategy and Planning
  • EHS & ESG Software Implementation
  • EHS & ESG software and compliance support
  • User adoption and big data analytics
  • Regulatory content and permit review

Personally, I am most excited about enhancing my Environmental, Health, Safety, and Security (EHSS) Auditing Group’s current service offerings, specifically:

  • EHS & ESG data management systems.
  • The acquisition will help the entire company meet the increasing demand for systematic compliance and data aggregation, as environmental reporting needs continue to grow for companies.
  • Huco’s expertise in content, work processes, integrations, outputs, reporting, and change management processes will be an added advantage to our EHSS Auditing Group.
  • The acquisition will result in a larger platform for Huco to reach more clients and work together to provide better solutions for managing compliance, risk, sustainability.
  • The acquisition of Huco will enable our EHSS Auditing Group to pioneer real-time environmental monitoring and consolidated reporting.

Huco’s co-founders, Ron Huijsman and Sameer Vyas,  have stated that they are thrilled to be joining MEG, as they also recognize that our practice areas are highly complementary, and we work with many of the same clients. “Our passion is creating and sustaining data management systems that not only manage compliance, risk and sustainability, but also create value for our clients’ organization, customers, people and other stakeholders. As part of the larger Montrose platform, we will be able to reach many more clients with our partners and do so with an organization that is fully committed to supporting our development, people and client solutions. We are excited to hit the ground running together in 2023.”

Shaun Gilday, CPEA, PMP

EHS Principal