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7-2 Loss Control and Risk Management

Loss Control and Risk Management

Loss Control and Risk Management
Environmental Standards’ Loss Control services can be an integral part of an underwriter’s proactive measures to help prevent or reduce losses originating from poor corporate conduct and risky behavior, which could result in accidents, injury, illness, or property damage. The aim of Environmental Standards’ Loss Control program is to reduce the frequency and severity of underwriter losses. We carefully evaluate a client’s business practices or, if insuring a specific project, the nature of the risk to be insured. Services provided include:
  • Review of prior claims history
  • On-site audits and inspections
  • Telephone surveys
  • Desktop audits
  • Evaluation of existing business practices
  • Evaluation of project sensitivities
  • Development and review of emergency and contingency plans
Our services help your clients recognize risks while protecting assets and minimizing losses of equipment and property. We can help reduce exposures to specialty-insurance providers, minimize interruptions of businesses, and provide a safe environment for client employees. Our Loss Control services provide a high-value source of additional information for account exposure evaluation. Our insurance consultants recommend practical corrective actions to improve loss performance and better ensure that your clients do not experience similar losses in the future. We bring an in-depth understanding of specific environmental exposures from both functional and financial perspectives that other loss control consultants and insurance brokers simply do not offer. Environmental Standards may just be the partner and evaluation resource you have been searching for.

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