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Dec2022 – Dissolved Light Gas Validation Studies

Dissolved Light Gas Validation Studies Presented to the SW-846 Organic Methods Workgroup

If you have followed measurement of dissolved methane and other light gases method evaluation via our newsletter and blogs (Phase 7), then you understand how much work, and sweat have gone into these studies. In October, David Gratson and Rock Vitale presented a summary of these studies, collected over the 7 years of work, to the US EPA SW-846 Organic Methods Workgroup. From the beginning in 2015, our goal has been to validate and then publish with agency approval/endorsement, a method that the environmental community will follow. Through two independent multi-laboratory validation studies, based on a procedure we developed, the data had clearly illustrated excellent precision and accuracy when measuring these compounds.

Gary Yakub


David Gratson, CEAC

Senior Technical Chemist