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Dec2022 – Almost a Year

Almost a Year Since Joining the Montrose Team

Since founding Environmental Standards 35 years ago, every day has had its trials, tribulations and challenges, but since that day in November 1987, I have absolutely loved doing what we do – solving our clients environmental challenges. My philosophy has always been to provide high-quality, responsive consulting, and provide solutions for clients, confident in the knowledge that they’ll always come back for more. Along the way, I’ve met, and become friends with so many amazing people, and through good fortune, a select number have joined me as Principals within the firm. I am so proud of the staff we’ve cultivated. Environmental Standards now has over 60 professionals with more than a 10-year tenure. 

Building relationships is something I really enjoy. This work has allowed me to connect with so many wonderful clients and get to know them both personally and professionally. As I learned about their businesses and circumstances, I have had the privilege of helping them to overcome the challenges they faced, and I have been able to help the environment! Having the opportunity to do truly meaningful work brings me great joy.

Although the decision to become acquired was years in the making, it was very important to me that the buyer be a good fit. We finally found a group with similar values, culture and entrepreneurial spirit. After a fairly brief series of discussions and due diligence, the Montrose Environmental Group (Montrose) closed on the purchase of Environmental Standards on February 2, 2022. As part of our courtship, plans were made and agreements were settled on how Environmental Standards would be operated, post-closing. As many of you know, I grew up in Brooklyn, New York, which means I’m suspicious of everything and everyone. That said, after almost a year, Montrose has been true to their word, and the opportunities for our staff to work with an amazing group of professionals is off the charts. Suffice it to say, I still very much love what I do, and by all appearances, so does the entire Environmental Standards staff. Me retire? I’m having way too much fun!

Rock J. Vitale, CEAC

Technical Director of Chemistry