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Top-10 Reasons We Love Being Chemists …

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Top-10 Reasons We Love Being Chemists

10. Chemists have some of the very best pick-up lines. Are you made of copper and tellurium? You must be, because you’re CuTe. Nerdy, yes, but a good icebreaker.

9. We get to be detectives and solve chemistry conundrums and inconsistencies with data in organic, inorganic, radiological, petroleum hydrocarbon, and wet chemistry.

8. Because old Chemists never die, they just stop reacting.

7. Chemistry is incredibly interesting!  We can serve as an expert witness on high-profile environmental matters for the oil and gas, industrial/manufacturing, automotive, chemical, landfill, energy/utility, and commercial real estate markets.

6. We have happy clients!  We’ve saved our clients 20 to 30 percent (and more) on analytical costs with our Corporate Laboratory Programs.

5. Some see a bag of sugar … but we think … without the 12 carbon atoms, wouldn’t it be just 11 H20 molecules? Sounds kind of soggy.

4.  We know how to accessorize – lab coats and goggles during a laboratory audit … So hot!!!

3.  We get to use cool 3-dimensional visualization and analysis (3DVA)  software that quickly synthesize data sets and display the results graphically as 3D boreholes and wells, plume volumes, contoured geologic surfaces and units, and other 3D features.

2.  Chemists are really smart – we know liquor is quicker, but wine is also a solution.

And the number one reason we love being Chemists ….

1. Our clients matter and our clients are matter!

Rock J. Vitale, CEAC

Technical Director of Chemistry