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1-3 Chemistry QA – Corporate Lab Program Development

Laboratory Development Program

Laboratory Development Program
Designing, implementing, and maintaining a corporate laboratory program means reducing analytical costs and substantially increasing data quality features, functions, and benefits.

A well-developed Corporate Laboratory Program improves data quality and defensibility, customer service, laboratory consistency and data comparability, and cost efficiency while providing a mechanism to streamline conventional contracting practices. We have developed (and are currently maintaining) laboratory programs for numerous clients, many of whom realize a 20 to 30 percent (or more) annual savings in analytical costs.

Environmental Standards has extensive experience in all facets of Corporate Laboratory Program development. Our professionals assess your needs, identify candidate laboratories, develop comprehensive technical requests for proposals and evaluate laboratory responses, perform on-site laboratory audits, oversee performance evaluation (PE) studies, manage analytical requests, and centralize and manage environmental data.Our clients realize significant benefits from their Corporate Laboratory Programs. Relative to business benefits, reduced analytical cost, more efficient procurement process, and an improved return on investment. In addition, a contract allows for the implementation of consistent penalties and incentives applied across laboratory lines. From a technical perspective, specific analytical technical requirements can be established, reliability and defensibility are improved, and top-performing laboratories are readily identified.

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