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Rock Vitale PFAS Leader – June 24

Rock J. Vitale Named Montrose National PFAS Leader

On May 1, 2024, Rock J. Vitale, CEAC, was appointed as the Montrose Environmental Group (Montrose) National PFAS Leader. The Executive Vice President of Sales, Bryan Chubb, made the announcement and said, “Rock will play a pivotal role in advancing our Pan Montrose PFAS go-to-market strategy across all MEG lines of business.”

Montrose has assembled an unparalleled team of PFAS experts, technologies, and services. Rock’s extensive experience positions Montrose well to support clients’ complex challenges associated with PFAS planning, investigatory, analysis, toxicology, and remediation/treatment, as well and legal/forensics. As clients navigate new regulations, they can rely on Montrose for comprehensive support at every stage of their journey.

Rock is thrilled to be in this new role. “I am honored to be appointed as the Montrose National PFAS Leader. As a Chemist with 37 years of consulting experience, it will be privilege to collaborate with my Montrose colleagues supporting our clients as they navigate their evolving multimedia, environmental, industrial, and consumer product challenges associated with PFAS.” Rock said. “In this leadership role, I will listen to the concerns of our clients and facilitate full-service solutions to address their PFAS compliance needs.” 

Rock was the Founder of Environmental Standards, Inc. in 1987, which is now in its 36th year. The company was acquired by Montrose in February 2022. Rock  resides in the Montrose Valley Forge, PA office []. 

Please join us in congratulating Rock in his new role!