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Welcome Dr. Joe Golab!

Joe GolabEnvironmental Standards, Inc. (Environmental Standards) is very pleased to announce that Dr. Joe Golab has joined its team as Senior Advisor in Computational Sciences based out of Chicago, Illinois, and heads up our efforts in this new service offering.  Before arriving at Environmental Standards, Dr. Golab directed the overall work efforts of the modeling and simulation technology at INEOS Technologies located in Naperville (Illinois) on the BP Research Complex.  INEOS Technologies is the research arm of INEOS Group which bought BP Chemicals in 2006.

Dr. Golab’s interests focus on practical applications of computational science and engineering to problems of industrial interest.  He is fluent in many (if not most) commercial modeling and simulation programs and has extensive experience with computer hardware platforms as well as with modern programming and scripting languages.

Illustrative projects include:

  • Improving product yields by applying chemistry modeling programs to catalysis research (e.g., propylene ammoxidation)
  • Developing breakthrough technology by integrating chemistry modeling results into engineering simulations.  This work lead to U.S. Patent 8,894,885 and a commercial-scale plant having an annual output of 8 million gallons of cellulosic ethanol and 6 megawatts of renewable power (Indian River BioEnergy Center)
  • Data mining leading to a refined class of propylene catalysts which provided the plastics industry with a wide variety of lower-cost and higher-performance products
  • Accelerating R&D by prioritizing and focusing experimental research through strategic technical consulting based on computational science

Specific interests of Dr. Golab include:

  • Advanced Modeling and Simulation Application Development
  • Process and Plant Engineering Simulation
  • Electronic Acquisition, Interpretation, and Storage of Data
  • High-Performance Computing

Dr. Golab has served on several U.S. government panels that forecast and manage national scientific endeavors, especially for high-performance computing.  He is an adjunct Professor of Chemistry in the College of Science and Letters at the Illinois Institute of Technology, and he is a trustee (and past president) of the Computer Aids for Chemical Engineering (CACHE) Corporation.

Before starting his industrial career at Amoco, Dr. Golab was a Research Scientist and Leader of the Computational Chemistry Group at the National Center for Supercomputer Applications.  He studied the theoretical aspects of spectroscopy and chemical reaction dynamics, as a postdoctoral associate at Northwestern University.  His dissertation work, completed at Texas A&M University, focused on
bound-state quantum chemistry.  He is a contributing author on over 35 refereed journal articles, several book chapters, a few patents, and one book.  Dr. Golab has spoken on industrial applications of molecular modeling around the world.

Computational Science is a game changer for many projects, and Environmental Standards is excited to be able to offer its clients assistance with our new service offering in this area.  Dr. Golab can be reached at or at 630-336-0063.