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We Can Help You Breathe a Little Easier

We Can Help You Breathe a Little Easier

The National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH) has set its annual Respiratory Protection Week observance to take place September 7 – 10, 2021. The Respiratory Protection week is designed to promote knowledge, awareness, and best management practices for respiratory protection and regulations in the workplace. As you may already know, respiratory protection is a complex area of occupational safety dealing with varying hazards, personal protective equipment, and regulatory requirements. Adding the COVID-19 pandemic and the increasing delta variant into the mix highlights an additional level of importance for respiratory protection.


Do you want to learn more? To spread awareness, NIOSH is offering a few free webinars during Respiratory Protection Week. Topics that will be discussed include use of respirators, the future of respiratory protection, and regulatory agencies’ involvement with respiratory protection. For more information and registration go to NIOSH’s Webpage located on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website.

Workplace Engagement

Do you want to engage your colleagues to heighten awareness of respiratory protection? The Respiratory Awareness Week provides an excellent opportunity to host an event or activity in your workplace. These events include performing training, initiating a safety stand-down, holding toolbox talks, distributing educational content, and being active on social media. NIOSH will be posting on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook during the week to share the latest information, so be sure to follow along on those platforms listed on webpage mentioned above. You can also download Respiratory Protection Week graphics to display in the workplace to increase participation.

Questions about respiratory protection, requirements, or respiratory protection programs?  Contact Cody Dye or Shaun Gilday.

Cody Dye, CSP

EHS Consultant III

Shaun Gilday

Senior Advisor/Principal