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US EPA Method 325B Update and Benzene PerimeterHAWK™ Release

With US EPA’s impending requirements on benzene fenceline monitoring, refinery professionals are naturally concerned about the increased burden of data collection, data review, and compliance reporting.  The benefits of automating data handling are obvious.  So, why develop an internal IT solution or risk going with new one-of-kind software when you can go with a proven solution – EQuIS™ Enterprise?

For decades, EQuIS Enterprise has served as the industry standard for analytical data management – the majority of the US EPA regions and the major laboratory networks have implemented this software.  Environmental Standards’ “Benzene PerimeterHAWK” configuration of EQuIS Enterprise will ensure a hands-off approach to data tracking and compliance reporting.  For a demonstration of our software, please come to our exhibit next week at TCEQ Environmental Trade Fair and Conference (booth #1232) in Austin, Texas, or request a dedicated webinar from your Environmental Standards contact or Kevin Renninger (

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US EPA Method 325B Update:

In our review of US EPA Method 325B, Environmental Standards identified an error in the derivation of the uptake factor used to correct for ambient temperature influences.  Through cooperative communication with the US EPA, the shortcoming was acknowledged; the US EPA is in the process of performing confirmation tests to resolve the issue.  The US EPA has shared with us the corrected calculation, which will likely be published in the future, but has already been incorporated into our solution, Benzene PerimeterHAWK.