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Top-10 Reasons We Love Being Geologists

Top-10 Reasons We Love Being Geologists

  1. No matter whose fault, we can get your project on stable ground.
  1. Our 3D Computer Animation Services are meteoric. We can graphically present complex and critical data in a way that can be readily understood by non-technical stakeholders.
  1. We are very sedimental at heart.
  1. We take a boulder approach to Brownfield Redevelopment. We have over 25 years of award-winning history with successful Brownfield Redevelopment Services, and our professionals are associated with some of the most successful Brownfields Projects as recognized by the US EPA.
  1. If you ask us what kind of rock we like, the answer is never limited to classic, punk or hard.
  1. Our Landfill Services are marble-ous! Environmental Standards became one of the first firms to receive approval of a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) from a state Department of Environmental Quality to resolve ongoing groundwater quality impacts from a municipal landfill.
  1. We are bed rock experts. Yaba, daba, doo!
  1. The Geologists at Environmental Standards are out standing in the field.
  1. Our Field Audits rock! We identify non-conforming items that have the potential to negatively affect data quality, institute corrective actions, and promote continuous program improvement.
  1. We really dig our clients and never take them for granite. 😊

Annmarie Hafer

Marketing Manager