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The Standard – December 2020


Near Miss Utility: A Brownfields Remediation Project in Two Parts

The Brownfields Team at Environmental Standards has encountered everything from former ordinances to miles of discarded buried tires when conducting environmental site assessments of former industrial sites. Underground storage tanks (USTs) are  …

Measuring Volatile Organic Air – Can it or Bag it?

Oft times, I wonder why a method will specify a certain type of container, preservation, or treatment prior to analysis for a specific target analyte. The collection of air for volatile organic compound (VOC) analysis is one of the methods for which I have come to understand  …


How Much Does a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Cost?

In 2014, Gerry Kirkpatrick wrote the article below regarding the potential cost to perform a  …


Unintended COVID Consequences – Potential Hazards and Compliance Obligations Associated with Hand Sanitizing

There have been many news stories expressing alarm over  …


Are You PFAS’d Out?

Just when you thought everyone was fatigued by PFAS constantly being in the limelight, the US EPA released its Interim Strategy  …


Oh, Little Town of Bethlehem Will Get A Farm So High

A huge farm is going UP in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. In a December 14, 2020 article  …


We’re Talkin’ Trash Again

Environmental Standards’ May 2014 newsletter article, “Now That’s What I Call Litter” reported on a piece of debris  …


Draft Guidance on Supreme Court Groundwater Ruling Expects Few Permits

US EPA’s draft guidance for implementing the  … 


What Do You Know About the Imported Fire Ant Quarantine Program?

According to the United States Department of Agriculture   ..


Middle Tennessee Environmental Professionals Association

On October 22, 2020, the newly formed Middle Tennessee Environmental Professionals   …

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Lab News

The mergers and acquisitions in the environmental laboratory marketplace dwindled in the tail end of 2020, but   …