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Senior QA Chemist, Lydia Work, Receives Environmental Stewardship Award

Photo: Lydia Work, WVDEP Secretary Austin Caperton, and Pasupathy Ramanan, WVDEP Project Manager.

Congratulations to Environmental Standards’ Senior Quality Assurance Chemist, Lydia Work, who received the 2017 Environmental Stewardship award from the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection. Lydia received the award due to her services as a highly experienced Licensed Remediation Specialist (LRS), qualified chemist, project manager, and data validator.  Also a community and international volunteer, and educator. Committed to the profession, with an emphasis on quality, consistency, and building relationships. She works diligently to achieve a balance between economic development and environmental protection. She is well aware of WVDEP protocols and is willing to think outside the box for solutions to today’s environmental challenges. Lydia enjoys the outdoors and often participates in site sampling. She discusses objectives of her clients in advance with DEP project managers and Toxicologists in a spirit of collaboration. Prepares very systematic reports. Is currently an external committee member to update the Voluntary Remediation Program Guidance Manual, and has completed several VRP projects as an LRS, resulting in the redevelopment of underutilized properties in WV .