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March 2020 – Loss Control

Loss-control Services Sets US$6.1 Billion Single-Month Record

The Environmental Standards Insurance Services Group, headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia, announced that loss-control evaluations of environmental exposures and other proposed projects exceeded US$6.1 billion for January 2020. 

Loss-control evaluations ranged in project values from US$8.3 million (£6.4 million) to a single project with a value of more than US$4 billion (£3.1 BIllion). Environmental Standards Insurance Consultants evaluated more than two dozen projects and accounts over the 30 days beginning January 2, 2020, and closing January 31, 2020. The Consulting Team evaluated projects in several states, including: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Maryland, New York, Texas, Virginia, and Washington. 

Environmental Standards provides economical third-party, loss-control consulting services for insurance underwriters nationwide. Environmental Standards’ Loss‑control Services can be an integral part of an underwriter’s proactive measures to help prevent or reduce losses originating from poor corporate behavior and dangerous accidents, injury, illness, or property damage. Environmental Standards’ Loss‑control Program aims to reduce the frequency and severity of underwriter losses. For several years, our Loss‑control Specialists have carefully evaluated a client’s business practices or, if insuring a specific project, the nature of the risk to be insured.  Services provided include:

  • Review of prior claims history
  • On-site audits and inspections
  • Evaluation of existing business practices
  • Evaluation of project sensitivities
  • Development and review of emergency and contingency plans

Environmental Standards also minimizes claims costs where a loss has been experienced. Our professionals have assisted in responding to some of the most significant industrial accidents in U.S. history. We have also acted as the general contractor on smaller, lesser-known events that have resulted in enterprise-threatening impacts on small businesses as well as their customers losing reliable services and products. Environmental Standards’ claims services are scalable from the largest to the smallest incidents, and we are prepared to assist the insurance community in protecting their interests when such events occur. Our support ranges from reviewing and approving claim invoices to performing environmental forensic services and complex incident analyses.

For additional information on our insurance services, please contact Gerry Kirkpatrick or Heather Tierney at our Charlottesville, Virginia office by email, or by telephone at 434.293.4039.  

Gerry Kirkpatrick, P.G.

Managing Partner

Heather Tierney

Project Manager