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June 2020 – QA Starts in the Field – Announcing NEW F3 Fillable Field Forms

Quality Assurance Starts in the Field – Announcing NEW F3 Fillable Field Forms

Ever wish there were a way to speed up field work, and at the same time improve documentation and quality? What if those data were then automatically processed into a database for easy extraction and reporting, regardless of number of contractors or sampling personnel? Sounds amazing, right?

The Environmental Standards Data Management Team is pleased to announce the release of a new field sampling product, F3 (Fillable Field Forms)!

These field forms are interactive and can be customized to whatever your current field forms look like. This approach makes for training and transition of sample collection staff painless. And there are no new forms to learn how to use.

We can incorporate quality control measures by requiring completion of critical information (such as sample ID, coordinates, date/time, field parameters, etc.), and by limiting selections of others (drop‑down list of who performed the sample collection, name of the Site). You can decide.

All you need is Adobe® Acrobat® and a tablet, laptop, or phone.

Once the sampling or field work is completed, the forms can be automatically forwarded to email in‑boxes of your choice, with the push of a button. The field and sample information can then be uploaded to a database. That database can be yours or, if preferred, Environmental Standards can offer data management services.

F3 is inexpensive and quick to develop and deploy compared to alternative products. If interested in learning more, please contact Rock Vitale at or Lydia Work at or 304-552-1442.

Gary Yakub


Lydia M. Work, LRS

Principal Chemist