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Gerry Kirkpatrick to Teach Brownfields Finance Course at CDFA Summer School

Gerry Kirkpatrick will be providing his redevelopment insight during the Intro Brownfields Finance Course at the Council for Development Finance Agencies (CDFA) Summer School on August 8-9 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. CDFA Summer School is a weeklong series of courses presented by the CDFA Training Institute.  The courses qualify for the CDFA Training Institute’s Development Finance Certified Professional (DFCP) Program.  Participants may register for one, two, or three courses during CDFA Summer School.  Complete three courses, and you will have fulfilled half of the requirements for the DFCP Program.

One of the most important steps in a successful brownfields redevelopment is knowing your remediation and financing strategies, and how the two inform each other. In fact, these strategies often work in tandem to see a project to completion. During his session, CDFA panelists will consider the necessary components of an effective redevelopment strategy.  Topics covered include the players involved, identifying partners and finding developers, land control, public buy-in, and addressing the needs of the community.