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Environmental Standards and The Society of Women Environmental Professionals

Angela Powley Price


The Society of Women Environmental Professionals (SWEP) is a national non-profit professional association of women involved or interested in environmental law, science, business, and policy. Many of Environmental Standards’ professional women have been involved at various levels since the origination of the Philadelphia Chapter in 1998. Over the years these professional women have held executive board positions including treasurer, vice-chair, and chair of the Greater Philadelphia Chapter. Along with the board positions these women have chaired various committees including programs, public relations, membership, community outreach, and the Touchstone Award Reception among others.

Environmental Standards’ involvement in this organization not only benefits the women of the company; many men also attend and participate in technical and social events giving them the chance to be educated on upcoming environmental issues as well as networking with fellow environmental professionals. Through SWEP many young professionals are given the opportunity to interact with other professionals across many disciplines ranging from fellow consultants to high ranking government officials as well as the opportunity to speak publically in front of large audiences. These professional growth opportunities are the reason that Environmental Standards supports SWEP and its mission through support of staff time commitments, monetary sponsorships, and by providing speakers for programs.