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Did You Know?

We know our clients are smart but there’s one thing you may not know about us…

… Environmental Standards, Inc. is the parent company of Vitale Scientific Associates, LLC, a firm that offers the same high-quality consulting that you’ve come to expect from us for many other applications outside of the environmental arena.

Vitale Scientific Associates, LLC (VSA) Header

Vitale Scientific Associates, LLC (VSA) provides services to companies in need of high-quality scientific data.  VSA assures quality in scientific data products and processes, responding to immediate data and information quality needs, and developing plans to prevent future client liabilities, allowing companies producing goods and materials (e.g., food and beverage, pharmaceutical, consumer, oil and gas, and chemical companies) to manage their core operations on the basis of sound, defensible information.

Learn more about VSA at – and check back often for timely news updates on topics such as the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), product recalls, California Proposition 65, and product purity and testing related items.