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December 2019 – Draft Method 8328 for PFAS

Draft Method 8328 for PFAS – Stakeholders Sought

In June 2019, US EPA published Draft Method 8327 for public comment. As identified in the last issue of The Standard, Environmental Standards Chemists submitted comments to the docket on Draft Method 8327. This method was based on a direct aqueous injection technique and did not incorporate the use of the powerful isotope dilution technique. It was also limited to non-drinking water aqueous samples.

Draft Method 8328 is tentatively scheduled to be issued by US EPA in early 2020. Draft Method 8328 will make use of solid-phase extraction (SPE) for non-drinking water aqueous samples and solvent extraction for solid matrices. Isotope dilution will also be incorporated into Draft Method 8328.

Like our review of Draft Method 8327, Environmental Standards is seeking interested stakeholders to support funding our review of the Draft Method 8328 and the associated method-validation studies. Our method review effort costs will be determined based on a cost‑share model of the number of interested parties and our initial triage of the documents posted by US EPA. If you are interested in supporting review of this critical PFAS draft method, please contact David Blye or Rock Vitale  at 610-935-5577. 

Gary Yakub


David Blye, CEAC

Senior Principal Chemist