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A Rough Morning Drive Fore Me.

A Rough Morning Drive Fore Me

On a recent morning drive into our Valley Forge office, I started thinking about how careful we have all become as a result of the pandemic. From the time I leave my home until my return, I (and the majority of us) make many adjustments throughout our daily lives to be extra careful. 

Where I used to only carry my keys and wallet, now I also remember to always have a face mask and hand sanitizer. New rules in the office abound: no standing close, no shaking hands, office doors closed and  wash hands, a lot.  We are all getting a better understanding of the idiom. “You can never be too careful.” Don’t get me wrong, I‘m not complaining. I am grateful that our people are all well, and staff can come into the office if they are comfortable in doing so.

But …

So much time and energy is being spent on doing everything with such meticulous care, being extra careful and care filled, and then it hits me … 

Really … It literally hits me …  

A golf ball!

My drive and my thoughts about being so very careful are interrupted by a wayward golf ball smashing into my windshield as I drove by a local country club. 

I guess it’s just par for the course this year!

Be careful!  Stay well.

Rock J. Vitale, CEAC

National PFAS Leader/Senior Principal Chemist