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Leadership – Stephen Brower


Stephen D. Brower

Stephen D. Brower, P.G.

Director of Geosciences/Principal

Stephen Brower has more than 25 years of experience as a geologist/hydrogeologist for engineering and environmental consulting firms conducting subsurface soil and groundwater investigations. 

Stephen Brower

Professional Experience

As the Director of Geosciences, he is responsible for department oversight and management of field and office activities associated with site investigations and remediation. Additional responsibilities include client and regulatory communications, cost estimating and work plan preparation, field oversight and management, regulatory interpretation, data evaluation, report preparation, and overall management of project direction and completion.

Stephen has managed risk-based investigations, completed brownfield projects, managed multi-million dollar remediation projects, and managed the installation of soil and groundwater remediation systems for petroleum-contaminated and chlorinated hydrocarbon-contaminated sites. He has also conducted and managed pilot studies for soil-vapor extraction and groundwater pump and treat design parameters. Stephen Brower has also performed multiple field audits on groundwater sampling, surface water sampling, ambient air monitoring, soil sampling, and vapor sampling programs.

He is trained in health & safety measures, first aid and CPR, sample collection procedures, and air monitoring equipment related to hazardous site investigations.  He has performed field inspections for construction projects including foundation investigations, landfill closures, and landfill construction.


Stephen Brower is a Licensed Professional Geologist in Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, and Kentucky, a Licensed Remediation Specialist in West Virginia, and a Licensed Professional Geologist in New York.


American Institute of Professional Geologists
Pennsylvania Council of Professional Geologists


Stephen Brower received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Geology from James Madison University in 1984 and a Master of Science Degree in Geology from West Virginia University in 1991.