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IS – Rapid Incident Response Services

Rapid Incident Response Services

Environmental Standards’ professionals possess the knowledge and experience to control response and follow-up costs when a sudden loss occurs.

Our response services are scalable from the largest to the smallest incidents and we are prepared to assist the insurance community in protecting your interests when such events occur.

Why us

You Report, We Assist

When a loss is reported, we can assist insurers with a rapid assessment of the incident including reaction to the early, and all-important initial stages of response.

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Services Include:

• On-site assessment of incident circumstances
• Response program coordination
• Contractor oversight
• Environmental forensic services
• Verbal and written reports to insurer claim specialists

Professional Contacts

Heather Tierney

Project Manager

Mark Newell EnvStd

Mark Newell

Senior Consulting Geologist

Gerry Kirkpatrick, P.G.

Managing Partner