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New Jersey LSRP Training Course on Assessing the Quality of Laboratory Data for Remediation Decision-Making​

New Jersey LSRP Training Course on Assessing the Quality of Laboratory Data for Remediation Decision-Making

Environmental Standards recently became accredited to offer a training course to New Jersey-Licensed Site Remediation Professionals (NJ LSRPs). This short course, “Ensuring Environmental Data Quality,” provides NJ LSRPs with 1.0 Continuing Education Credit (CEC).

The course is designed to provide useful support to LSRPs meeting the NJ Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) expectations for data quality and data usability as published in its Data of Known Quality Protocols (DKQPs) released in April of 2014. Understanding the importance of evaluating laboratory data compared to the established minimum quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) criteria is critical, as is the qualification of any data that do not meet those criteria. This course enables LSRPs to assess the quality of laboratory data for decision-making purposes and helps them ensure that the final data they provide to regulators, risk assessors and clients are accurate.

Environmental Standards has an international reputation for excellence as an independent environmental chemistry consultant. Environmental Standards has almost 40 credentialed, experienced Chemists who are tenured scientists and full-time employees, dedicated to assessing and ensuring environmental data quality. They understand the regulatory requirements and are diligent in completing assignments that consistently meet or exceed stakeholder expectations. Our Chemists are uniquely qualified to assist LSRPs with expert consulting services in environmental analytical chemistry, which can aid LSRPs in making appropriate remedial decisions. While many of our Chemists can serve as instructors for this course, we have chosen three to serve in that role – Rock Vitale, Lydia Work and Erin Rodgers. In addition to being three of our most senior Chemists, they have given many external presentations and are great instructors. 

For additional information about the course, please contact Kevin Renninger ( or 610.304.2105).