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Food & Beverage

bottled beverage facility environmental compliance food & beverage industryEnvironmental Standards, Inc.’s support to the food and beverage industries is based on a knowledge and understanding that today’s food and beverage companies are under increased environmental scrutiny from consumers, activist groups, and regulatory agencies. Adherence to regulations and meeting customer expectations are more important than ever. Environmental Standards’ quality assurance programs will help food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and personal care/consumer products companies navigate the current market.

Services Provided

  • Chemistry Quality Assurance/Consulting
  • Facility Environmental Compliance Audits
  • Process Safety Management Audits
  • Risk Management Planning
  • Due Diligence Site Assessments
  • Contaminated Site Remediation
  • Data Management/Information Technology
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Monitoring Program Support

Non-Environmental Services

Through our wholly-owned subsidiary, Vitale Scientific Associates, LLC, our services extend to cover non-environmental needs of both the food and beverage and consumer products industries for microorganisms/pathogens and chemical species.

  • Sample program design and planning
  • Oversight of sample collection
  • Laboratory data review and validation.
  • Verification of proper data management through data audits.
  • Forensic science services to identify and allocate sources of microbial and/or chemical contamination.
  • Preparation for ISO 17025 certification and review of certification status.
  • Periodic, scheduled quality system reviews.
  • Establishment and assessment of laboratory records and documentation system.

Our Experience

Since 1987, Environmental Standards has provided the highest quality environmental consulting to food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and consumer products companies and their facilities.  We are proud that Fortune 500 companies have relied on us to solve their environmental challenges, often resulting in significant cost savings to their environmental programs. Our project managers have strong working relationships with regulators in many US EPA regions and in multiple states, which allow us to take a cooperative approach with stakeholders to determine the best outcome.  Environmental Standards’ strong understanding of regulatory compliance and environmental guidelines gives us the ability to design reasonable and cost-effective strategies for food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and personal care/consumer products companies.