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3-1-data-management – Electronic Data Deliverable

EDD Specification

Electronic Data Deliverable
A critical success factor in project management is the accurate analysis and presentation of laboratory data.  Proper management of these data not only provides support for standard processes, such as reporting, but also ensures the accessibility of all data on an as-needed basis to support field activities or “what if” processes. Daily interactions with analytical laboratory personnel and in-house Chemists and Geoscientists, give our Environmental Data Management professionals the skills to develop, implement and communicate project-specific data management solutions.

Based on our clients’ needs, our Data Management professionals develop electronic data deliverable (EDD) specifications to provide to the analytical laboratory(s). Our EDD specifications typically include the quantity and types of samples expected, specific analytical methods to be used, analytes to be reported, and quality control requirements including control ranges, required formats, valid values and schema, which are critical for successful data storage, retrieval and reporting. Once the laboratory creates the EDDs, the data are typically verified for format by our Data Management professionals and validated by our Chemistry Quality Assurance personnel for content to ensure those data meet the client’s contractual and technical requirements prior to integration into a database and communication to stakeholders.
Stehpanie lein envstd

Stephanie Lein

Senior Data Project Manager

DeAnna Aungst

Data Project Manager

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Matt Miller

Data Project Manager