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Geo – Brownfield Redevelopment

Brownfield Redevelopment

Environmental Standards’ brownfield redevelopment professionals function seamlessly within the multi-disciplinary teams often needed to complete property redevelopment projects.

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Why us

Brownfield Redevelopment Services​

Our professionals are associated with some of the most successful Brownfields projects as recognized by the US EPA. Working through a Brownfield or “land recycling” program as well as state-specific voluntary clean-up programs, can be complicated and confusing to individuals not intimately familiar with the concepts and issues involved in brownfields redevelopment. Environmental Standards has a 20-year award-winning history with successful site redevelopment programs.

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Community Involvement

Public participation in the brownfields redevelopment process includes public hearings on the initial findings at a site, involvement during the design of work and sampling plans, and the presentation of the final development plans. We help our clients prepare for the community’s questions regarding brownfield project redevelopment. The best way to communicate project goals is to start by developing scientifically valid and defensible plans followed by effective translation of the plans into understandable terms. It is informative and advantageous to compare the hypothetical risks associated with a property redevelopment program to issues encountered every day by community members. Environmental Standards personnel often participate in public meetings to communicate brownfield redevelopment plans in terms that can easily be understood by the general public.

Professional Contacts

Joe Kraycik, P.G.

Senior Consulting Geoscientist

Jacob Gruzalski

Principal Geoscientist

Mark Newell EnvStd

Mark Newell

Senior Consulting Geologist