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EHS – Process Safety Management

Process Safety Management

No matter the industry, every workplace contains safety risks and concerns. We help clients establish and strengthen PMS programs in order to reduce the risk of an occupational safety program gone wrong. 

Process Hazard Analysis

Environmental Standards supplies experienced PHA Leaders and Scribes to assist in executing both initial, revalidation and full revalidation PHAs. We follow the client’s specific PHA procedure or work with the client to agree on a specific approach to be followed (e.g., what-if checklist or HAZOP).

We supply professionals experienced in LOPA to assist clients according to their internally defined procedure or to an agreed approach to be followed for the engagement.

Why us


We assist clients in enhancing any of the elements within their PSM program. We supply subject-matter experts in specific PSM/RMP elements or professionals who are highly experienced at implementing management systems across a wide array of risk-management topics.

Specific examples include:

  • Assisting in applicability determination for processes inclusive of determining process boundaries
  • Leading the creation or update of employee participation plans
  • Updating piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs) and gathering/updating other types of process safety information (e.g., safety data sheets [SDSs], reactivity tables, safe operating limits, consequences of deviation, and critical instrument/interlock lists)
  • Leading the creation or update of operating/maintenance procedures 
  • Leading the creation or update of training materials
  • Leading the creation or update of a contractor management plans
  • Leading the update/creation of the emergency planning and response plans
  • Assisting with management of change (MOC) program management/update
  • Verifying corrective action closure for PHA recommendations, incident investigation action items, compliance audit action items, and MOC action items. 
  • Conducting incident investigations
  • Conducting PSM/RMP readiness checks prior to an internal or external PSM/RMP audit

Additionally, we assist clients to locate highly specific expertise to assist in completing technical studies such as: facility siting, studies, flare studies, and pressure relief device design.

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PSM/RMP Program Development

Environmental Standards assists clients to develop or enhance their existing PSM/RMP element-specific management systems and also helps clients develop or enhance the overall integrated PSM/RMP management system, inclusive of documenting the overall system and its various components.



For clients with existing defined audit programs, we supply trained and experienced PSM/RMP Lead Auditors and/or Auditors who will execute under the rules of the existing audit program. We also supply Auditors with client-specified, element-specific, subject-matter expertise (e.g., mechanical integrity) as requested. We supply a single Lead Auditor or Auditor, or we provide a full Audit Team.   

Client Benefits

For clients who have a compliance obligation, but do not have a defined audit program, we supply trained and experienced PSM/RMP Lead Auditors and/or Auditors to execute an audit to fulfill the compliance obligation. We work with our clients to determine the general approach to be used by the Audit Team. We provide a full Audit Team, or lead or participate on an Audit Team comprised of client Auditors and/or Auditors from Environmental Standards.

Professional Contacts

Michael Green, Ph.D, MBA, CPEA

Principal/Senior Advisor

Shaun Gilday, CPEA, PMP

EHS Principal

Cody Dye, CSP

EHS Consultant III