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EHS – Management and Training

Management and Training

Environmental Standards, Inc. works with facilities to develop, implement, and oversee EHS management systems and programs. 

Employers are being met with increasing challenges to provide their workers a safe work environment free of recognized hazards. In addition, the responsibility to operate in a manner that impacts the environmental as little as possible is a constant coordinated effort across an organization. Keeping up with the storm of constantly changing regulations is often be burdensome; the penalties for noncompliance are steep and no one wants to see people go home from work in worse condition than they started.

There are environmental, health, and safety and regulations required to conduct business in virtually every industry. Many companies have individuals and entire departments that focus primarily on developing and implementing EHS programs to meet stringent OSHA, US EPA, and US DOT requirements.

Why us

Your Trusted Professionals

Environmental Standards’ EHS professionals have assisted clients throughout the United States to meet and exceed their regulatory requirements both under ISO 14001 and 45001 and outside those structures. From the initial program draft to implementation and enforcement, our professionals will guide you through the tedious process of compliance. In addition to helping clients meet regulatory compliance, we can also help achieve compliance with voluntary programs such as PICS and ISNetworld. Businesses with comprehensive and enforceable safety programs experience less lost time injuries and fewer workers compensation claims and NOVs.

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EHS Plans and Programs

Environmental Standards works with facilities to develop, implement, and oversee EHS management systems and programs. Our personnel have experience developing standard operating procedures; developing EHS plans; and performing gap analyses of EHS programs against agreed sets of requirements. Additionally, our personnel are experienced in drafting both corrective and preventive actions allowing for both short and long term performance to be improved.

We develop compliance systems that reflect client company practices and philosophies resulting in an integrated approach to program implementation. Our personnel have experience determining regulatory applicability as well as constructing compliance tasks necessary for achievement of compliance.

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Customized Training

Adults learn largely by doing and will retain more knowledge when the subject matter is interesting and relevant. It sounds like a cliché, but your company really is only as safe as the most unsafe employee. Whether the training is conducted internally or through the services of vendors, the liability is always the employer’s. A single environmental incident can often tarnish a company’s otherwise stellar reputation for years; coupled with potential lofty fines can place a company in a tight situation.

Client Benefits

Environmental Standards’ EHS staff will visit your site and review your internal programs, processes, and information provided; and then shape that information into a training program that is specific to your operations. By incorporating relevant material into the program, your employees will be trained on work hazards they actually experience on a daily basis. The information delivered in the classroom is not only interactive and specific to your needs, but is delivered by an instructor with 20 years of training development experience

Professional Contacts

Shaun Gilday, CPEA, PMP

EHS Principal

Michael Green, Ph.D, MBA, CPEA

Principal/Senior Advisor