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EDM – Automated Data Verification

Automated Data Verification

Environmental Standards’ Data Verification Module (DVM) enables the qualification of laboratory analytical databased on pre-determined quality control criteria and limits.

Our Data Management team saw a chance to automate the manual verification process performed by Chemists in order to provide clients with a means to evaluate laboratory and field data collection performance at a lower cost.

 The system was developed in conjunction with our Chemistry department in order to provide a step in the data evaluation process between 100% data validation and 100% lab reporting acceptance only. When combined with a percentage of full validation by a chemist, DVM allows clients to make quick and informed decisions about their data effectiveness, while also experiencing the cost-savings produced by an automated procedure.

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DVM rules and limits are fully customizable and are established at the onset of projects to satisfy client requirements. A comprehensive list of qualifications and codes for their individual justification are stored within the data management system, along-side any lab-derived qualifications. This allows clients and chemistry professionals to compare laboratory qualifiers, results, and reporting limits to verified qualifiers, results and reporting limits with ease.

DVM, provided by Environmental Standards, allows clients to have greater review of laboratory-reported data, without exceeding their budgetary constraints.

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