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Beware of PFAS Survey

By now, direct and indirect industrial dischargers, stormwater permittees, and POTWs located in Virginia have received a per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) survey request from VADEQ. Intended to identify potential sources of PFAS contamination, the survey asks permittees to describe their historical and current use of PFAS. Survey responses are due 30 days from receipt. The US EPA and states have established, or are rushing towards setting, PFAS discharge permit limits. At the same time, many issues remain regarding sampling and analysis of the nearly 7,000 PFAS compounds that might be present in a discharge.

Every permittee will be best served by establishing a PFAS Response Program. From establishing protocols with vendors to designing PFAS sampling and analysis technical SOPs to validating PFAS data for regulatory reporting and decision-making, Environmental Standards’ Scientists have been helping the regulated community create site-specific and business-specific PFAS Response Programs nationwide.

Now, with our Montrose Environmental Group partners, we have access to state-of-the-science PFAS-removal technology.

To get started with your PFAS Response Program, or should you have technical questions on ascertaining whether your processes and raw materials may have PFAS, please contact me.


Ann Marie Gathright

Account Executive