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Environmental Standards Data Management professionals are qualified to perform independent review of data management business processes and audit Environmental Data Management Systems (EDMS). Business process reviews and audits are necessary to confirm that current practices align with Team member roles and responsibilities and processes detailed in a project’s governing documents, such as Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPPs), Data Management Plans (DMPs), and standard operating procedures (SOPs). Auditing a client’s EDMS assures the Project Team that the EDMS meets project needs, that the data have been stored properly, and that issues, such as disaster recovery and security, have been adequately addressed. Identifying and correcting potential problems are important steps in preventing costly project delays. We perform business process reviews and audits of both commercially available data management systems and highly customized, project-specific systems and software.

Stehpanie lein envstd

Stephanie Lein

Senior Data Project Manager

DeAnna Aungst

Data Project Manager

Matt Miller Envstd

Matt Miller

Data Project Manager