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04 Insurance Support

Insurance Support

Whether it’s a renewal or quoting new business, your client’s financial condition, claims history, waste disposal practices, and business practices must each be evaluated quickly, and economically. Our ability to recognize exposures, support growing demands for insurance products with higher limit requirements even while controlling more exposure, allows us to be a powerful partner with your underwriting and broker practice.

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Minimize Your Risk

If it’s a new market such as underwriting or brokering cannabis industry coverages, or more mature markets like Pollution Legal Liability underwriting, for more than 20 years Environmental Standards has assisted the insurance industry in services ranging from loss control to litigation support.

We provide applicant and existing account risk assessment services, including execution of insurance-financed site clean-ups, providing underwriter forensic services and third-party audits of incident cause and avoidance. Our insurance consultants recommend practical corrective actions to improve your underwriter’s loss performance and better ensure that your clients do not experience similar losses in the future.

The modern insurance market is more competitive than ever with clients demanding higher limits, longer term periods and placements that cover multiple locations. A more thoughtful examination of an insured’s business and risk management practices is key to underwriters making informed decisions. With our insurance services, rapid, high quality, cost effective help is only a phone call away.

Environmental Standards’ Loss Control services can be an integral part of an underwriter’s proactive measures to help prevent or reduce losses originating from poor corporate behavior and risky accidents, injury, illness, or property damage. The aim of Environmental Standards’ Loss Control program is to reduce the frequency and severity of underwriter losses. We carefully evaluate a client’s business practices or, if insuring a specific project, the nature of the risk to be insured. 

Services provided include:

  • Review of prior claims history
  • On-site audits and inspections
  • Evaluation of existing business practices
  • Evaluation of project sensitivities
  • Development and review of emergency and contingency plans

Our services help your clients recognize risks while minimizing losses of equipment and property and protecting assets. We can help reduce exposures from specialty insurance, minimize interruptions of businesses, and provide a safe environment for client employees. Our loss control services provide a high-value source of additional information for underwriter exposure evaluation. Environmental Standards may just be the partner and evaluation resource you have been searching for.

Loss Control

Claims Services

Environmental Standards is also well suited to minimize claims costs in those unfortunate incidents where a loss has been experienced. Our professionals have assisted in responding to some of the largest industrial accidents in US history. We have also acted as the general contractor on smaller, lesser-known events that have resulted in big impacts on small businesses as well as their customers losing reliable services and products.

Environmental Standards’ claims services are scalable from the largest to the smallest incidents, and we are prepared to assist the insurance community in protecting their interests when such events occur. Our support ranges from environmental forensic services and complex incident analyses to simply reviewing and approving claim invoices.