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Markets – Mining


Accurately assessing the potential environmental impact of mining or mineral production hinges on the quality of planning, sample collection, laboratory analysis, and data management.  Environmental Standards’ experience has been that stakeholders opposed to mining attack the integrity of data collection, analysis, and data management reporting as primary means to achieve their objectives.  Whether collecting samples for environmental baseline monitoring, NPDES compliance or reclamation, Environmental Standards will ensure environmental data for your mining operations are defensible and reliable.


Our Services

Environmental Standards offers innovative environmental solutions to mining companies.

  • Environmental Chemistry Quality Assurance
  • Consulting Geosciences & Site Remediation
  • Information Technologies/Environmental Data Management
  • Emergency Response Quality Assurance Oversight
  • Health, Safety, Security & Environment

Our Experience

For over 25 years, Environmental Standards has worked with companies which have complex technical, legal, and public relations issues.  Our project managers have strong working relationships with regulators in many US EPA regions and in multiple states, which allow us to take a cooperative approach with stakeholders to determine the best outcome.  Environmental Standards’ strong understanding of regulatory compliance and environmental guidelines gives us the ability to negotiate reasonable and cost-effective strategies for mining clients.


Proud Member of the National Mining Association