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Litigation Support

Litigation Support
Whether you operate a small family business or a large corporation, environmental insurance litigation is an arduous undertaking. The time, effort and cost associated with litigating an environmental matter are significant, to say the least. As you begin this journey, you may ask yourself several questions – what can we do to make this process easier; how can we be proactive and expedite a resolution; how can we avoid spending an exorbitant amount of time and money?

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The best way to answer these questions is bringing in a forensic scientist or subject matter expert early in the litigation process. All too often, parties to litigation and their counsel do not bring in experts until the final stages of the litigation process, ultimately missing out on many of the advantages the expert could otherwise bring to the table. Environmental Standards has the technical breadth, expertise, and necessary credentials to provide solid legal support in matters of insurance litigation. We support underwriters and insureds and prepare our clients for litigation by ensuring defensibility of arguments and a detailed technical analysis of plaintiff complaints.

We also provide expert witnesses to facilitate favorable and timely adjudication.

Heather Tierney

Project Manager

Mark Newell EnvStd

Mark Newell

Senior Consulting Geologist

Gerry Kirkpatrick, P.G.

Managing Partner